Valerie Mead - Brooches

These are line drawings of brooches available from my catalogue. Beneath the line drawings are photographs of a selection of the brooches.
On most computers drawings will appear full size - but many laptops show images smaller.
P14 - Wide "curved time" brooch,
approx 45 by 40mm
P18 - Oval criss-cross brooch,
approx 45 by 30mms
P21 - Large folded ellipse brooch,
approx 60 by 25mm
P32 - Shell brooch,
approx 55 by 20mm
P33 - Round wave brooch,
approx 30 by 30mm
P34 - Oval wave brooch,
approx 38 by 26 mms
P35 - Square wave brooch,
approx 30 x 30 mms

Brooches P33, P34 and P35

Brooch P14

Brooch P21
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