Valerie Mead - Bracelets

These are line drawings of bracelets available from my catalogue. Beneath the line drawings are photographs of a selection

Bracelets and rings are made to order to your size - please telephone to discuss - 01865 240809

B1 - Silver and 9ct rose gold twist,
approx 3mm wide
B17 - Medium oval section,
approx 4mm wide
B18 - Large heavy oval section,
approx 5mm wide
B21 - Round and gilt lines,
approx 3mm wide
B22 - Flat and gilt lines,
approx 4mm wide
B23 - Matt oval and gilt lines,
approx 4mm wide
B24 - Matt flat and gilt lines,
approx 4mm wide
B28 - Oval wave,
approx 4mm wide
B29 - Squiggly line and beads

Bracelet B29
B30 - Chain with beads,

Bracelets B23 B22 (collar bracelet no longer made) B21 and B18 (from top to bottom)
B32 - Open ended wave bracelet, approx 8mm wide - length 190mm
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